Cala Gonone and Dorgali


In the middle of the Orosei's Gulf, Cala Gonone, small fraction of Dorgali, it's already known since 70' for the strong tourist vocation; Today the beaches reachables from the small port, are the aspired destination for tourists that comes from the whole Europe.   



Besides the beaches of Palmasera, Sos Dorroles and S’abba Meica, easily attainable by foot, to few hundred meters the beach "Ziu Martine". A little anymore in Cala Fuili, one of the beaches preferred by the lovers of the sporting climb, with a lot of ways suited for the neophytes and others for the most extreme sportsmen. Besides Cala Fuili is the point of departure for an easy excursion (6 km. about) that it allows to reach one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Gulf of Orosei: Cala Luna.  

Cala Luna


From the small port every day it is possible to take the ferries that allow to reach the Cave of the “Bue Marino” (10 minutes of navigation about), Cala Luna (16 minutes about), Cala Sisine (30 minutes about), Cala Biriola (40 minutes about) Cala Mariolu (45 minutes about).  

It is easily possible besides, near the so many present societies in the port, the rental of a raft (autonomously or with driver) to visit, in a day, the whole gulf of Orosei up to the suggestive Cala Goloritzč, or in alternative an experience on board of a small fishing-boat qualify to the PescaTurismo, on which to taste the different varieties fished in the forenoon.  

Finally, not certain for importance, the inside territory: Cala Gonone and therefore the territory of Dorgali is the extreme limit of the Supramonte and the Barbagia. In a day it is possible to organize some Guided excursions toward the most important environmental sites in Sardinia: Gola Gorropu, one of the deepest Canyons in Europe; the Dolina of Tiscali, a cave without time when was built more than 2000 years ago a small village; Montes Forest near Orgosolo, the forest most important of the island with a very high number of botanical variety and a wood of evergreen oaks high more than 16 meters, where it is possible to organize the typical lunch with the shepherds. 

The territory of Dorgali is rich of archaeological and environmental sites as the Cave of Ispinigoli, the Archaeological Museum, the Nuragic village of Serra Orrios, Nuraghe Mannu, the Etnographic Museum of S’Abba Frisca and the small Civic Museum dedicated to the potter-sculptor “Salvatore Fancello”. The walk along the streets of the country allows to visit the many shops of the artisans: goldsmiths, famous for the “filigrana”, potters, leather -mans, the laboratories of the typic bread "Carasau", and the two most important expression of the territory: the famous Wine for the wines "Cannonau" and the Cooperative of the Shepherds with its good cheeses "Pecorino" . 



Great surprises also among the bordering town of Dorgali: Nuoro with the Museum of  contemporary art (MAN), the house-museum of Grazia Deledda and the I.S.R.E. (Regional Superior Etnographic Institute); Orune with the amazing Sacred Source of Nuragica age "Su Tempiesu"; Bitti with the Museum of the "Tenores" and the Nuragic village of "Su Romanzesu"; Mamoiada, known for the the masks of the "Mamuthones" exposed in the "Museum of the Mediterranean Masks." 


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